Employees, Tenants, Criminal-Civil-Family Cases, Business & Personal Relationships

Advanced Background Check

Checks For: DOB & Alias Names, SSN Verification, Address History (20 yr), Address Summaries, Others Residing w/Subject, Possible Phone #s Associated w Subject (landline or mobile), Email Addresses, Nationwide Criminal Profile (Includes State & Nationwide Criminal Databases, National Warrant Databases, Department of Correction Records, Nationwide Sex Offender Check), Property Transactions, Civil Judgments, Tax Liens, & Evictions, Bankruptcies, Registered Vehicles (available states), DL Information (available states), Voter Registrations, Hunting & Fishing Permits, Professional Licenses, Possible Work Affiliations, Relatives & Associates

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Professional Background Check
Checks For: All Checks Included In Advanced Report + 10 Year County Criminal Court Records (Misdemeanor & Felony), 7+ Civil Court Records (Divorces, Suits, Judgments), Federal Bureau Incarceration Records, 10 Year Federal Criminal Court Records, 10 Year Federal Civil Court Records, National Wants / Warrants

* County Court Record Searches are performed in the subject’s current resident county unless otherwise specified to perform the search in a different county.

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