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At US License Plate Search, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, send us a message on our contact us web page. At any time, you can begin ordering a license plate search by going to our home page.

Frequently asked questions on license plate searches:

What type of information will I receive?
You will receive just as the site states, which is at least the registered owner name, address, vin, a vehicle type. Advanced records contain additional information that may include owner age & or dob, title information, lien information, & other possible adults affiliated with the registered address.

What if you can not find the information on the plate number?
You will receive a full refund on all standard and advanced license plate record searches if we are unable to attain and deliver the license plate record (owner, address, vin, & vehicle type). On the manual searches, you will a receive a partial refund amount depending on the license plate state.

I have been scammed by internet companies before, who do I trust?
Unfortunately for you with these type of record searches, scams sites greatly outnumber the legitimate sites on the internet. The important factor in looking and comparing sites and prices from legitimate companies is to first look for contact information on the site. Is there a phone number, email, and fax associated with the business?

Furthermore dont fall into the trap of believing in a site because a site contains the words detective or government in it. There are many links sites that advertise they provide license plate records on major search engines but actually do not. It may have started with net detective, then came web detective, gov, license plate, and so on and so on. There are just too many to list.

Here is something to look out for:
Most scams sites now have their customers enter a license plate number and State through a preliminary search. Then after pretending they are processing a search, they come back and state they found a record (total lie - dont believe us? - try entering any invalid character sequence and the site will state they have a record). But wait, they wont show the record until you pay a one time or annual membership fee. Then after the membership is paid, low and behold, you receive a list of links and NO RECORDS to be found! And now the customer has wasted $19 - $50 for nothing.

Where do I enter the info needed to run the search (state, plate number, and reason for search)?
You would enter that information in the text box located on the bottom of the following pages on the online order site:
The Information Needed For Search Page
or (in case you missed it - second chance)
The Payment Page

If for whatever reason you do complete the order without entering the information, we will send you a follow-up email requesting it.

Also you can download the fax form where you write the information in and fax it back to us.

Is my search confidential?
Yes, the registered owner WILL NOT be notified.

Important: The state of which I attain a record from does keep a record of all registration record request made. They will have a record that Burbridge Detective Agency did perform a registration record search in their state. Regardless, the information held by the state will not be released, but the state does have the right to audit any record request to ensure that the information we provide is not being used for illegal purposes. This is a requirement for any organization, including law enforcement, that has access to registration records.

Why must I put a reason in for the search?
It is a requirement by Federal & State Privacy Laws that a valid reason is needed for registration and driver license records. Regardless where you receive license plate records, a valid reason is required under the Driver Privacy Protection Act Law.

Click Here For List Of Acceptable Reasons

What if your not sure your reason fits in the acceptable reasons?
Feel free to call us, and we will be happy to discuss your case or situation and whether or not there is a chance to receive a record from a certain state. But please remember we can not and will not bend the law to attain a record.

Here are some common invalid reasons that we receive that will NOT be accepted:
* I am interested in buying the car.
* I need the information for marketing purposes.
* I want to locate an old friend (seems unbelievable to use license plates to locate old friends).
* I am interested in someone I just met (this is almost criminal - stalking).
* I need the information for a statistical report (almost all states no longer acknowledge this reason unless you have documentation to show the State on the nature of the research).

Feel free to contact us for all other reasons.

What if I know I dont have a valid reason?
If you do not have a valid explained reason, then under no circumstances should you request the information. Nor should you lie about the reason given. Depending on the state, there are criminal punishments for fraudulently attaining privacy protected records.

What is the major difference between the basic / advanced searches to the manual searches?
Since some states dont have an accessible registration record database, we must send in a registration record request form directly to the state. This takes more time and money perform.
There is also a difference in the up to date information. Manual search records are up to the day records while the basic / advanced records are mostly based on registration records submitted from the previous month.

Why do some state manual searches cost more than others?
The cost is depended on what each state charge plus any requirement cost that may be involved (notarizations, postage deliveries).


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